Mountains are our base camp but we also enjoy the urban jungle

MindShake: Catalysts of Strategic Communication and PR with a Passion for Mountain Outdoors

Established in 2004, MindShake is your go-to public relations and communication agency boasting strategic innovation and pragmatism.
With nearly two decades of experience, we excel in B2B and B2C communication, offering unique value to our clients daily.

Our team of trilingual consultants have a minimum of 15 years of experience in journalism, communication, and press relations. Specializing in mountain tourism, winter sports, and outdoor activities, we’re not just communicators, but passionate adventurers with a deep respect for the mountains.

Our dedication extends to creating our own media, further promoting our clients, and developing events that foster a strong relationship with the media and influencers alike. Embrace our expertise and join us in crafting your compelling communication narrative.

Our commitments

Passion and Respect

Our deep passion and unwavering respect towards the mountains define our collective identity.

Innovative Solutions

We provide cutting-edge solutions that go beyond the offerings of traditional PR agencies.

Trusted Relationships

We have established strong credibility with influential journalists and influencers, fostering long-standing relationships built on trust.

Collaborative Enjoyment

We maintain close proximity and high availability, working together with you to create effective communication and marketing tools while enjoying the process.

Authenticity Guaranteed

What you see is what you get – we prioritize transparency and honesty in all aspects of our work.

Strategic Impact

We deliver strategic impact through carefully crafted campaigns and tailored approaches, ensuring maximum results for your brand.

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